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Today Azkar's facilities measure 1,125,000 square metres of which 640,000 are buildings. It has a fleet of over 2,000 vehicles and provides services for 13,000 customers in various activity sectors. Worth very special mention the professionalism and dedication of the over 5,000 people working for the Company.

Azkar is a lead logistics provider, an international leader capable of providing services to its customers in the entire supply chain, with a wide range of services in various activity sectors such as the transport, distribution and logistics externalisation for textiles and clothing, electrical white and brown goods, small electrical household appliances and computers, all types of industrial supplies, tools and tool machinery, air-conditioning, heating, drinks, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and fragances, footwear, automotive industry parts and many other commercial and industrial products.

Azkar is comprised of three division: two business divisions, Distribution and Logistics, and a Corporate Service Division which provides support to business units and made up of the following departments:

The Distribution Division has 52 centres and 6 mixed platforms throughout Spain and Portugal, including Balearic and Canarian Islands, with a total of 225,000 square metres of built facilities. It also has 2,000 vehicles of which 500 are trailers equipped with GPS localisation which link the whole premises network through over 350 daily routes, and 1,700 vehicles for local collection and delivery which every day serve over 11,000 towns throughout the Iberian Peninsula and the Islands.

The Logistics Division of Azkar boasts 27 platforms in Spain and Portugal, with a total of 310,000 square metres of storage and service space and a storage capacity for over 175,000 pallets slots.

Facts and Figures

In 2005, Azkar registered revenues of 335,32 million euros, a sales increase of 6% with respect 2004. The Company holds 11.8% of the market share in the sector of Spanish industrial and commercial parcel services. Likewise, during this same period the Distribution Division handled over 12.3 million shipments and the Logistics Division prepared almost a million orders for our customers.


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